Sunday, September 11, 2011

After a looong absence, time to post about a giveaway!

Well.... long time no post, huh? School has been crazy these last semesters so I have had pretty much no "giveaway" time hence the long absence. Now, hopefully I will be able to start up again but no like I did before since I am in school now. Anyway, on to my giveaway post....

So... I have never owned a video camera and would REALLY like to. My animals are always doing the most hilarious things and I have no way of sharing the amusing antics. If you are like me and want a new video camera (in purple-- my absolute favorite color) then you are in LUCK! MomStart is holding a giveaway for a brand new DXG 1080p Slim Camcorder (cue drool now) worth $249.99! If you cannot tell, I am very excited about this one and am crossing my fingers. To enter, head on over to MomStart and comment before September 26th. Good luck! (Actually I take that back. I'm keepin all of the luck for myself. I WANNA WIN!)

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